Fraidy Cat





Talking thru



Hard Plastic



















This feline is motion activated.

And when activated gives a nice show.

1st it meows , head tuns, meows again, heads turns back,

eyes light up, meows 2 more times and hisses while hunching its back!


On the 4th activation goes into an Alley Cat rendition of

"Somebody's watchin' Me" by Rockwell

These are the large size.

Talking thru Boris

with voice synthesizer

Synchronized animated moving jaw

15 foot corded "microbone" microphone

4 voices




Plastic G.I.T.D







Hard Foam



Foam Filled

Rubber Ghoul










List price on these units are $169.00 each.

You can pick them up here for $125.00






The best price I've seen on these Ghouls

has been $100 on the internet. I've got them coming out of the ground for





Half Skull

Light weight plastic.

Hanging SkullMan

Nice light weight for a drop

down, pop up scare.

40" wide x 27" high. Made of Hard foam.

Click on the image above for a

how to to make them breath fog.


Fantastic life size prop. Ideal for Halloween .
Made of rubber filled with sponge material.

(Great for the outdoors, no sealers needed to keep this Creep from melting!)

Nasty looking static prop !
Measures approx: 15 inches high / 30 inches wide (elbow to knuckle).





Goblin Dude


















Sale $119.99




Sale $89.99


for 5 cameras


Come here, Goblin Dude wants to give you a big creepy hug.

Would you mind if he bit a chunk of flesh out of you as well?

Item (L x W x H "): 26x 26 x 20 (belly to top of the head) 32 (from belly to top of the fingers)

Ready to hang on the wall ( metal ring attached to the back)


Blood is on his mind and no one can stop him from getting his fill tonight.

Whacked out in sniveling style Grossferatu is sure to scare.


Set up this disturbing motion activated prop and watch the fear form as your

unsuspecting guests pass by. As the shaking starts and the freakish groveling begins,

you do a double take to make sure the straps are holding him tight. 23" tall.

Item (L x W x H "): 0 x 0 x 23

Get the protection of a security cam at a fraction of the cost. Looks and operates like a genuine area-sweep camera--nobody but you knows it's a fake!
Effective crime deterrent--put an end to shoplifting and vandalism
Looks like a real security camera
Motion activated blinking red light
Adjusts 90° up and down
Includes hardware for ceiling or wall mount
Sensor range: 9.5 ft. with 47 second reset, Indoor use only, Requires 3 AA batteries (sold separately), Overall dimensions: 5-1/4'' L x 2-1/8'' W x 2-1/8'' H


Big Foam Snake


Animated Hex












A mind-boggling 76” long!


This static prop is foam filled, individually hand painted latex that will be sure to add many years of Halloween delight to your prop collections. Hex prop is 26 inches tall.


This farm boy makes for a truly haunting hayride. Hex's head spins 360 degrees (accompanied by the noise of cracking bones), his eyes light up, and he snickers menacingly. Motion activated. Made of foam-filled latex. An affordable and freaky animation. Measures approximately 2 feet tall. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included.




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