All costumes purchased on this page come in a zippered garment bag.

If you are searching for something particular and don't see it, please call or e-mail us.

I'm sure we can get for you.


Bandio & Senorita



Ghostly Lady & Gent




Cap'n Cutthroat & Pirate's Wench



Cap'n Cutthroat
Pirate's Wench

Rustic Pirate & Pirate Lady



Rustic Pirate
Pirate Lady

Add Pirate Plunder accessories

with any of the Pirate couple sest wtih no extra shipping!


Pirate & Pirate Lady


Rustic Pirate
Pirate Lady

Captain Black Heart & Pirate Queen


Black Heart
Pirate Queen


Cleopatra & Caesar



Marc Antony & Queen of the Nile


Marc Antony
Queen of the Nile


Handsome Devil & Devils Temptress


Handsome Devil
Devils Temptress

Harem Princess & The Sultan


The Sultan
Harem Princess


Monster's Bride & 110% Recycled


100% Recycled
Monster's Bride

Big Bad Wolf & Red Riding Hood


Big Bad Wolf
Red Riding Hood


Gothic Vampire & Vampira


Gothic Vampire
Gothic Vampira

Vampire & Vampiress



Add a pair of ScareCrow Fangs!

Extra saving when purchased with either couples costumes above!!


ScareCrow Natural Fangs







ScareCrow Saber Fangs

These are WAY COOL! Saber Fangs use the same incredible molding system of the regular natural Scarecrow Fangs. These are hard to not notice! If you are looking for that dramatic EXTRA LONG Vampire look these are the fangs for you! These are always in stock and ready to ship!



ScareCrow Subtle Samll Fangs

NEW! Scarecrow & Vampfangs are proud to offer the new Smaller Deluxe Vampire Fangs! These fangs are smaller for a more realistic, subtle, sexy look.


The Mad Scientists in the Scarecrow Laboratory have done it again! In honor of our 10th anniversary, we've created these new, easy to use Custom Vampire Fangs for Halloween, gaming or just hanging out!

There is NO boiling water, NO complicated & unsightly partial plate to construct and NO adhesives necessary. These fang caps are designed to fit snugly over just a single tooth for the most realistic look possible.

You only have to custom-fit your fangs once for years of use
Everything you need to make a rigid, custom mold of your teeth inside the caps is included in our Skull Box. NEW "Dental Snap-Fit" Interliner Customizing Material, a handy mixing vessel/carry case and a stir stick. All you need is a mirror & paper towel or tissue.



Big Top & Harlequin Clowns


Big Top
Harlequin Clown

Geisha & Samurai




Renaissance Man & Woman


Renaissance Man
Renaissance Woman

Maid Marion & Robin Hood


Robin Hood
Maid Marion


Classic Vampire and Vampiress


Classic Vampire
Classic Vampiress

Southern Bell and Southern Gentleman


Southern Gentleman
Southern Belle


The King and Queen of Herats


King of Hearts
Queen of Hearts

Prince Charming and Enchanting Princess


Prince Charming
Enchanting Princess


Dashing Devil And Devil's Desire


Dashing Devil
Devil's Desire

Royal Sultan and Harem's Jewel


Royal Sultan
Harem's Jewel


Southern Belle and Mississippi Gambler


Mississippi Gambler
Southern Belle