Scream Queens Boiling Cauldron


1- First I took some craft type chicken wire and created a snake form with it. Covered that in paper mache strips (you could also use a rubber snake if you choose)

2 - Centered the snake form in a cauldron and filled the bottom of the cauldron with foam peanuts, leaving about 2 inches in the cauldron (anything can be used for this step.. grocery store bags.. wadded paper.. etc. I just happened to have gotten a new prop in a box filled with peanuts)

3 - Use some type of Foam in a can (I used 'Great Stuff') and spray it on top of the peanuts. Make sure you run the stream of foam along the edge of the cauldron to ensure that the foam will adhere.
Immediately add various bugs.. place them so they appear to be crawling in and out of the pot.
I also added glass balls to give the illusion of bubbles.

This is what it looks like before being painted.

4 - Wait approximately 1 hour then paint the foam and snake the color of your choice... I chose various shades of green with some brown in the cracks for depth.

5 - The snake yellow and black to contrast. Also dont worry if you get paint on the cauldron or the bugs since it is supposed to be bubbling over.

And voila... a bubbling cauldron of bugs. Simple and easy.


Of course you could also add body parts.. eyes, ears, fingers etc. instead of the bugs and paint red for blood for a different effect.


You can contact Scream Queen if you have questions.